$ 1,000 to any amount
Get paid in cash now for all or part of your future payment invoices!

Factoring is simply financing the sales. It is an advance and not a loan. Account receivable factoring is perfect for many growing and established businesses. Account Receivables or Credit Invoices are your most valuable assets. You can provide your customers with asset based funds. It’s easy, systematic and recurring, on establishing the advance flow line. We know how to do it in a professional way and so leave all your factoring needs to us to cash-in your credit invoices, instead of waiting to be paid after 30, 60 or 90 days. You may be able to double your productivity and profits through factoring.
Leave it to us all your problems related to collection of invoice amounts and monitoring settlement on due dates. We have the resources and organized procedural system in place to do all these.

Benefits of factoring are:

  • You don’t incur any additional debt
  • Addresses immediate cash-flow needs
  • Avoid availing additional loan amount and retain your credit status
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts with your suppliers
  • Stop offering early payment discounts to your customers
  • No geographical limits (A factor can have clients in any part of the country)
  • It’s easy, efficient, systematic, recurring, confidential and legal

And many more  ……

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